Was Britney and Jamie Lynn Spear’s Mom a Blogger? Happy Birthday Jesus!

That’s got to be it, right? How could one woman screw up two daughters so badly unless she was a mommy-blogger.

I read a few mommy bloggers regularly (one tries not to be, but her kids keep getting in the way) because they can be so darn entertaining.

But it struck me that they could be responsible for the next generation of ne’re do wells.

“They’ll have to be cut out, right?” He whirled around at me and said, “We prefer not to use the word ‘cut’ around the children.”

My name is Joy Des Jardins…and I’m a Blogoholic. I come to you totally open and a little bit skeptical that I deserve to even be here; but here I am nonetheless. (Daughter Jory is a founder of Blogher.org)

“Well….” I started, “What if you were all princes and princesses of a magical kingdom? And what if your Mother and Father, the King and Queen, were killed by a terrible wizard named Trent. And after they died, the Evil Trent crowned himself the new King and enslaved all the people in your Kingdom.”

If Mary was a blogger, Jesus wouldn’t have stood a chance. Not that he had a charmed life anyway as it turns out, but you know what I mean.

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Was Britney and Jamie Lynn Spear’s Mom a Blogger? Happy Birthday Jesus! — 5 Comments

  1. Hey, it’s a known fact that women who have two children less than 3 years apart get an extra ration of wine a day.

    Jesus said so. Really, it was for his mother than he turned water into wine because could you imagine raising a child like Jesus?

    I can. Mary needed wine too.