Ya See? Here’s Why I Don’t Want Google to RSS Foreign Blogs

How do I get Google to stop RSSing non-English blogs?

Here’s this great picture.


And I don’t have a damn clue what the blog is about.

Forget Babelfish. Here’s what that site gave me.

If in previous post titled “Biting the dust” it wrote that people lost of everything by Madrid, was if it fits, surrealista yesterday still, a pain to go and not to only stop to me to make photos. When leaving Moncloa, the high resistance of temperature “Heat of summer” – “Cold winter with fog”, added to my mental empanamiento caused that it walked to navigated average house and without knowing very well that is what did. Even stopped by seconds I remained when observing… dildo for men! left in its box in the shelf of a window of the old General Hospital Franco (I do not know if they would have used it)

Quickly and after blinking several times, I reacted and I continued walking. The few meters cats eating in the old garden of the left hospital (normal thing, the one of the cats I say), I continue walking more a little and before turning the corner… pioo! pioo, ostias that scare! a chicken that appears of the anything, and thank heavens that was fence to protect to me if not surely it had attacked to me. I begin to consider that in that hospital they pass things very rare. To my atrophied mind only it gave to think him: and if together these two things…

I’m guessing it isn’t written in Spanish.

But I want to know this writer. We have a lot in common.


Please help.

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Ya See? Here’s Why I Don’t Want Google to RSS Foreign Blogs — 5 Comments

  1. Welcome to my world! I found three what-I-think-are blooks but they appear to my eyes to be written in Malay. At least you could guess this was in Spanish!

  2. Looks like this … I think.

    Elakkan membaca blog ketika perut kosong. Awas : Blog ini kadang-kadang boleh menyebabkan mengantuk. Jika ada kesannya, jangan memandu kenderaan atau mengendalikan mesin (mesin potostat dikecualikan). Elakkan minuman keras.

  3. I think it says something about “baby bird with strap-on dildo … loose on aisle 10 … will get the new texts on purple Thursday … as soon as last winter game are onion.” Yeah, I’m certain now. That’s exactly what it says…

    Sheesh… Reminds me of some of the word for word literal translations of technical manuals I have to deal with.