Blaine Branchik and Tim Manners Can Kiss My Wrinkled Ass.

I really hate it when bloggers turn off commenting.

It’s just so damned arrogant to write your opinion and then shut your ears and say “LA LA LA LA.”

Many of the blogs that close commenting are Splogs – content scrapers from real blogs. isn’t a Splog because my Consigliere sent me the link.

So my only recourse to express my opinion on their opinion is to write it here and link it there.

Filed under “Cool News of the Day.” Which indicates to me that supports the position taken by the people they profusely quoted.

“Seniors, particularly baby boomers, each believe they belong to a market segment made up of exactly one person,” says Quinnipiac’s Blaine Branchik, in a New York Times article by Charles Duhigg (1/6/08). “Many believe the only thing they have in common is that they are all so unique that they have nothing in common,”

The oldest Baby Boomers are 61 years old. That is not senior. I don’t know where “senior” starts, but the terms are not interchangeable.

The baby boom generation has been discussed ad nauseum since we were noticed.

Branchik knows that.

So let’s say the NYT misquoted him, that’s the traditional “out,” right?

Tim Manners (HA!) makes a lame joke about marketers trying to put us into “neat little boxes, other than the pine kind.” OMG, Tim that was just so clever. You should be in marketing.

The four boxes he likes from Age Wave are:

  • Ageless Explorers
  • Comfortably Contents
  • Live for Todays
  • Sick and Tireds

He then attaches more lame-ass and insulting generalizations to each of the categories.

Hey Blaine and Tim: Kiss My Wrinkled Ass.

I know marketers have to speak in boxes, that’s OK. But understand too that in any given period of time, I can see myself in any of those boxes. We are a moving target, we are not locked into a lifestyle yet, our moods and attitudes change – just like every other demographic box.

Comments are closed for Tim Manners and Blaine Branchik.

We now return you to regularly scheduled smart-assery.

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Blaine Branchik and Tim Manners Can Kiss My Wrinkled Ass. — 12 Comments

  1. Ok, so it’s arrogant when someone spouts their opinion and then shuts off comments, saying La la la la!

    So what would you call it when someone spouts off their opinion, leaves on comments and still says La la la la la?

    Because I do that all the time.

    And I suspect you do too.


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  3. Any publicity is good publicity for our demographic. If they don’t think of us, like the line out of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead (“what do you think of us”…”ah, but I don’t think of you”), then I would be upset.

  4. I’m glad I’m on your side! You do a good job, by the way, of researching interesting topics for the boomers. I like the new format.

  5. @VintageP: ummmm, no. Can’t go there. Marketers are trying to sell us something remember? They should know better. I’d rather not have someone ignorant try to sell me something. But thanks for playing, look for our lovely parting gifts.

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