Classifying Body Parts Probably Means You’re Old

A colleague commented today that he hurt “his good knee.”

That’s a pretty good indicator of when you are old: when you start classifying body parts as good or bad:

  • ear
  • hand
  • knee
  • leg
  • arm

Unless you are a pirate, you probably don’t have a good/bad eye. Same with your nose. I think toes are usually always good too.

Internal duplicate organs are hardly ever referred to as good or bad. “I’m using my good kidney” or “my bad lung is acting up.”

Here’s another sign you are old, your blog posts sound like Andy Rooney.

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Classifying Body Parts Probably Means You’re Old — 4 Comments

  1. Both my knees now are shot. It’s hard to differentiate between the two in my whining. Sad but true.