Downed the Domestic Red Wine, Now Changing to Tawny Port


For lunch we had French Onion Soup and French Fries. Glass of Oliver wine, but have to switch to a tawny port (which happens to be from Portugal) because Nancee wants some left for her after she gets back from Zee Bowling Allee.

As is turns out, we don’t have a french wine in La Maison. Un carafe vin rouge de la maison, sil vous plait. One of the first and most used phrases I learned. It means bring me a jug of cheap red please.

…life (like french toast) is made up of simple ingredients that combine to make up a marvelous concoction we often take for granted. It’s time to relish all the wonderful flavors in your life. And by the way, if you aren’t crazy about the way your life tastes, remember: you’re the one who controls how much sweetness goes on top, or if it’s soggy and underdone.

From French Toast Girl who is a marvelous artist…

Think spring!


Au Rivers and Merkie Bowcups!


UPDATE: Highly recommend the Sandeman Tawny Port. Tres bien!

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Downed the Domestic Red Wine, Now Changing to Tawny Port — 5 Comments

  1. Didn’t know you and Nancee were wine lovers. So are we! Went to St.Martin (French side not dutch) last May and had so many great wines.

    9° here and feels like negative numbers! Thank god for good red wines!

  2. @Grannymar: I wish I could wear those colors.

    @Elaine: Yes, we like to drink wine: sweet reds. Gretchen @ on my blogroll is a oenophile. SoCal. If you want to read something scary, read her “about” page. 😉

  3. I’ve never heard life compared to French toast before.
    Wow. Deep, man. Deep.
    And I know absolutely nothing about wine, except that my mother used to put it in her spaghetti sauce. It was really good. She doesn’t do it anymore, for some reason.

  4. @Janna: I know nothing about wine either, and don’t care to learn. We just buy sweet red: Happy with Gallo, Yago Sangria, and just lucked into getting Oliver as a gag gift because that’s the name of one of our dogs.