Friday Five – Lame Valentine Gifts That She Will Love

I asked Nancy what she thought of this list and she thought, looked hard at me and said, “you really need a haircut.”

Am I in trouble?

Here are ideas for Valentine’s Day that IMHO are pretty lame because they have no real usefulness. But I guess women like that kind of thing. I guess. These are ranked in order of cost and effort involved.

  • Roses – not cheap and you have to remember to call in advance. They don’t mean as much if you bring them home to her from the grocery store. Extra bonus points if she works outside the home and you have them delivered to her work.
  • Poetry – no, Roses are Red…, won’t work. But: remember, it doesn’t have to rhyme either.
  • Love Letter – it has to be handwritten. If you have bad hand-writing don’t worry about it because she won’t be able to see thru the tears.  The quality of paper you use is meaningless, rip out a notebook page. It needs to be at least 8 1/2 x 11.” You can’t use a broad felt tip pen. Ball-point or pencil is fine. Blood is even better.
  • Name a star after her – forget the real star-naming website. Just get some fancy paper from the office supply store and fake it.
  • Breakfast in bed – piece of cake if you forgot until your head hit the pillow the night before. Get up before she does and hopefully you can figure out what she would like for breakfast. Get the newspaper, find a nice tray, a napkin, (cloth if you know where they are.)

What ever you do, DO NOT do all five. Man law.

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Friday Five – Lame Valentine Gifts That She Will Love — 11 Comments

  1. @nessa: oh, good one. Cash or Check would be #2 on the list.
    @Richard Longwood: Star yes, Asteroid, no.
    @Nancy: it’s my wooly cover for the cold weather.

  2. You forgot diamonds and expensive champagne. Actually, my Valentine’s gift to Ben every year is to excuse him from getting me a Valentine’s gift.

  3. No, diamonds are not lame at all, and they provide great leverage. On an episode of “The Family Guy” we saw recently, they had a fake diamond ad featuring the silhouettes of a guy slipping a big diamond ring onto a woman’s finger, whereafter she slowly sank to her knees. And then the tag line: “Diamonds: She’ll Pretty Much Have To.” HEE.