Fried Chicken and Ice Cream: Researching Blog Material

Edna gave me some props in a comment about the “research” I do for posts. But if you want research an outstanding post and outstanding comment, check these out.

Aaron at wrote a very pithy retort to my observations that BFD stands for something other than Big Fantastic Deal, as Domino’s would have us to believe.

He makes an excellent point. Read it. It’s very creative. If he banged this out as a comment, I want to read more.

But the best written, and well researched, post I’ve read in quite a while is an excuse for being fat. I have it starred, bookmarked, favorited, and on the fridge.

It is a very long post, but stay with it. She gives us fatties a wonderful, thoughtful, scientific reason for our plumpness.

She deals with Kate Harding, The Fat Acceptance Movement, evolutionary psychology, The Savannah Concept and more.

So there. I gave the fat people an excuse to be fat. Let the pity party commence!

Oh Violent Acres, baby, I am celebrating with Fried Chicken and homemade ice cream!


Update: couldn’t resist posting this Google ™ ad from Violent Acres blog, typo and all:

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Fried Chicken and Ice Cream: Researching Blog Material — 8 Comments

  1. It’s true that you do good research. Me, I’m too lazy for that; I just rant and rave. (Hey, it works for Howard Stern and Adam Carolla.)

    Reasons to be fat? Ssshhh. I’ve just today decided I need to drop 20 pounds, so I absolutely refuse to read this. God, I hate middle age. When I was 25 I sat on my ass all day at the office eating M&Ms, then went home and ate a pizza for dinner, and weighed 105 pounds. 22 years and three kids later, I gain 10 pounds if I eat a cornflake.

  2. Nah, it’s not the pot; I don’t indulge the munchies. My weakness is animal fat: beef, cheese and eggs. Damn, that shit’s good.

    Right before I started dating Ben I went on a SlimFast and chardonnay diet, and that worked pretty well. My body has always thrived on a certain level of abuse, so I don’t know, how does sushi and sauvignon blanc sound? Hee.

  3. I remember a book called “Sex Tips for Girls” by Cynthia Heimel where she posited the “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Diet” which basically consisted of booze, cigarettes and cocaine. So, you know, I think that ship has already sailed. But I’ll keep it in mind!