I’ve Never Been Happy with My Nose, Perhaps Now is the Time to Fix That? You Agree with My Choice?


What do you think?

Let’s think about the aesthetics first.

My nose is getting larger, more bulbous. Not W.C. Fields quality yet, but probably it will get there.

  • Dog noses always grow in proportion to their body. I’ve never seen an old dog with a big old honkin’ beak that wasn’t there it’s whole life.

I have a few broken veins on one side of my snoot, so it’s got that veiny look that will only get worse.

  • Dog noses never show veins, no matter how much of a lush they were during their life.

I had a “thing,” mole-like but not raised with a hair, but more like a low grade permanent zit. I had it removed a decade ago. Now the scar is starting to become more prominent.

  • Dogs don’t get mole/zits on their nose, ergo: Scarus Dubious Facto

Hair. On the end, inside, all growing nicely. Very dark. Tweezers and electric trimmers regularly, or just grab ’em and pull, inside or out.

  • Dogs have hair everyplace BUT their noses.

Enlarged pores.

  • Enlarge the photo above to see a magnificent membrane of unique ridges and dimples – as unique as human fingerprints.

But I’m more pragmatic than to cheap to have a nose job just for looks.

I want the benefits of a dog nose.

Imagine the total euphoria to wake up one morning with the new found sense of SMELL that a dog has.

You know how much a dog enjoys sniffing. They sniff all the time. They sniff the same places over and over and over. They plant their noses as firmly as they can to the origination of the scent, and if big enough they will remain there until THEY are ready to move three inches in another direction.

And if the scent is funneled to their nostrils by artificial means, can this be all bad? 

There is no scent that is offensive to a dog. Again: there is NO scent that is offensive.
The world is full of delightful fragrances to be inhaled over and over and over.


Total Euphoria. The delusional dream of a dog lover.

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I’ve Never Been Happy with My Nose, Perhaps Now is the Time to Fix That? You Agree with My Choice? — 6 Comments

  1. @Rhea: Our four all have black, but daughter’s retreiver has a brown that has aged well, like old leather. AND IT’S HUGE. He loves to use it as a reminder when you stop petting him. I love that.

  2. Did you know that your ears and nose grow for the rest of your life?

    That’s why you see those guys with ears down to their elbows when they get old.

    My nose is not the same cute nose I had in high school. It has changed shape. I want to get it fixed back to high school size!

  3. @Absurdits: nose I figured. But ears too? Holy crap, I don’t want dog ears. I hear enough, and I have developed natural noise suppression. Need to think about that. Yikes.
    Good lucky on your proboscis renewal.

  4. According to Dr. Nancy Snyderman (the Today Show), it’s not that “things” continue to grow, it’s the rest of you shrinks so it appears that “things” are growing.