Supreme Court Leaves Giant Skid Mark

The Supreme Court has flung us further and faster down the asphalt ribbon to Hell.

The high court today refused to hear an appeal from East Bay lawyer Michael McDermott, who claimed the name was “scandalous and immoral” and disparaged lesbians and men, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Dykes on Bikes® will remain a protected trademark for the Gay and Lesbian Parade organizers in San Francisco.

As a result, when you refer to Dykes on Bikes® you have to include the ® or they will hunt you down and kick the shit out of you. From now on, you have to say the phrase like a pirate: Dykes on Bikes AR.

But Dykes on Bikes® has a nice ring to it, you have to admit. If I came up with the phrase I would want to protect it too.

Unlike these Motorcycle club names, which are not worthy of trademark protection:

  • Scranton Asphalt Grande Frappacinos
  • Wentworth Hogs with Logs
  • San Antonio Skid Marks
  • Carbondale  Curb Cuddlers
  • Port Arthur Sulphur Smellers
  • Fort Rucker Brother Muckers
  • Pube Valley Show and Shine
  • Turkey Scratch Scab Biters
  • Black Pancake Donuts
  • Lynchburg Low Rimmers
  • French Lick Chromers
  • Blazing Butte Banana Busters
  • Fernando Valley Whores on Hondas

Not that there is anything wrong with those names, you understand. They just aren’t as trippingly pleasant as the picture painted in my mind’s eye of Dykes on Bikes®.

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Supreme Court Leaves Giant Skid Mark — 8 Comments

  1. Leave it to some guy from San Francisco to have a hissy fit over absolutely nothing. I knew a bunch of lesbians in college (no, not in the Biblical sense) and they proudly called themselves dykes.

    Skid marks, hee. That was a very eye-catching title.

  2. @Gretchen: spoken like a SoCal Hippie Liberal. 🙂 I don’t find the term offensive. But if I ran into a KY Dyke, I sure would keep my mouth shut!

  3. @Queen of Shake Shake: Absolutely not. You are the authori-tay. I thought of you when I wrote the headline. I always think of you when I think of skid marks.

  4. Amazing you should say that — Orange County is a notorious Republican stronghold, and Ben and I are moderate Republicans. Down here, we tend to view people from the San Francisco area as a bunch of Commie fairies, which may or may not be true, but that’s the conventional wisdom.

    There’s a big dichotomy between Northern California and Southern California. In fact, I believe at one time there was talk of splitting the state into two, north and south.