$396,000 a Year for Life Saving Drug for ONE. MAN.

How can this be?

T.C. Swann is a hemophiliac, someone who is subject to uncontrollable bleeding because their body doesn’t produce enough proteins needed to clot blood.

The 23-year-old’s prescription cost $33,000 for a monthly dose.

No argument: the guy is entitled to live as normal a life as possible.

But how can a drug cost this much? I know there is a huge capital investment for biotech equipment and techs to operate the equipment, etc. Researchers are certainly underpaid. Somebody has to formulate the drug.

But $400,000 a year!

How can this be?

I’m flummoxed.

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$396,000 a Year for Life Saving Drug for ONE. MAN. — 6 Comments

  1. Well, the problem is that we need more hemophiliacs in the world to offset the cost.

    See? So, my take is to breed as many hemo’s as possible to faciliate the cost of the drug being lowered.

  2. Holy heck I thought I was in the wrong place. When did you change the look? Can see I haven’t been blog hopping in several days, hell haven’t even visited my own. Looks good!