Bloggers Deserve a President with a Fun Name

Let’s elect a president with a fun name.

  • Barack Hussien Obama
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • John Sidney McCain

Barack Hussien Obama.

Gotta go with Baracka Obamama.

Baccarat Obama.

What a great name to chant behind the rope lines:

  • Baracka, Baracka, Baracka Obama!
  • Hurrah Obama!
  • Tick-tock – time for Barack!
  • Let us see your O face!

Ahnold saying his name would be boring however. Bahrock Obomba is Barack Obama. Pfffbbt.


  • Barack – Iraq
  • Christians: The Flock for Barack
  • Gun Lovers: Got My Glock, Got My Barack
  • China Merchandise Importers (a new special interest group) Schlock for Barack

I’ll give you more special interest groups: you supply their name for his first name.

  • Trekkies
  • Chinese Food Preparers
  • Thoroughbred Riders
  • Raggae


  • Obama – Osama
  • Obama – Alabama has to change is pronounciation.
  • Try to do “The Name Game” with Obama. The first phrase is classic. Let a stutterer give it a try and watch them distingrate right before your very mouth.

Got any ideas for special interest groups that would rhyme with Obama?
Obama was born in Hawaii and there is no translation for African American. So he is ‘Ele’ele Pelekikena (black president) very similar to Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

Aside: if a noose is a hate symbol, with the auction block also become one? Are bachelor auctions doomed? What if you have an African American bachelor? Well, that doesn’t make sense because a noose has no other use. Too obtuse. Aside over.

UPDATE: Barack has a serious problem with his name. It’s iambic.

But not as serious as the NYT not spelling it right on their online edition.

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Bloggers Deserve a President with a Fun Name — 3 Comments

  1. Well, surely you saw my Obama primary campaign slogan:

    “Barack Obama: Because America Has Had An Assful Of The Clintons.”

    Don’t make fun of my boy, you. 😉

  2. Oh, you know me; the use of that word was completely mindful and deliberate. Because I am an instigator, is why. Barack is welcome to call me a cracker or honky anytime he likes.