Blowing My Google Earnings on Phone Tunes

Here’s a website that is about to crash because it will be overloaded soon. called Brian and sang him a little tune.

There are a variety of songs to choose from to suit all manner of occasions, and they customize the song with the name of the recipient. You can hear a sample of each of their songs at their website.

If this site isn’t a smash hit, I’m nuts. Here are a few of the songs I liked – they are all good.

  • Birthday Superstar “Birthday Superstar”
  • What’s up “What’s Up”
  • Romantic “I’m So Happy”
  • Congratulations “You Deserve a Cookie”

I don’t care if these guys are in Bangalore or Brooklyn, it’s fun. It’s a Yahoo store, so hopefully the site won’t really crash and burn and these guys find fame and fortune. It’s the new Jib-Jab!

UPDATE: The two phone calls I had placed could not be understood by the recipients. On the form I indicated the recipients were female and the call was from a female. Brian says his  was from a male and very understandable.

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Blowing My Google Earnings on Phone Tunes — 1 Comment

  1. I really need to talk to you about your Adsense and why my Adsense returns actually suck. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. Obviously I’m not as popular as you are. Don’t know why when you post about things like this but whatever…it obviously works.

    WordPress I know otherwise I’m Adsense impaired. 😛