Friday Five – Gross Things I Will Do

Grossness is in the eye of the beholder. But I think there is a level of grossness to each of these acts that we can all agree upon. Correct?

Gross things I will do:

  • Let the dog lick my face – sometimes with a little “in-the-mouth” action.
  • Pick my nose – but I always wipe it on a tissue.
  • Crap on an airplane – tied with convenience store for filthy
  • Snuff loogies and spit – I can usually get good distance because of the viscosity.
  • Clean up barf – did you know if you smile it will reduce your gag reflex?
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Friday Five – Gross Things I Will Do — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, we take puppy kisses at our house. Horrifies my mother-in-law, who is convinced the kids will die from it. “But those dogs lick their BOTTOMS!”

    I will have to try the barf trick, because we sure clean up enough of it. An even better trick is to just make your spouse do the honors.

  2. @Edna: Oh, I get tongued in the ears and nostrils pretty regularly. Our little Morkie has a tongue that can really do the job in those areas.
    Derby is great for high-volume and speed licking on forehead and neck.