No Question: We’re Smarter Than the Next President.

I wonder if the next president will know as much about the internet as I do. Or for that matter, will the next president know as much as you?

I doubt it.

We’re pretty web savvy.

Here’s why we will be smarter than the next president when it comes to web junk.

We don’t have a staff. Specifically:

  • Obviously we blog, we read blogs. Some of you have been blogging for a long time. Probably since the word was coined. I had the benefit of a mentor who started early and was successful. He gave me encouragement and also guided me toward WordPress.
  • Because we blog, we have expressed our thoughts and heard a complete stranger’s reaction.
  • We email a lot. We started emailing a long, long time ago. We know about attachments, and bcc’s and forwarding, and reply to all. Some of us IM regularly.
  • We have seen and Some of us messed around with them and still are or have decided we’ve seen enough.
  • We know about flames and trolls. We can be snarky.
  • We’ve seen a lot of video online. Some of it by professionals, most of it by amateurs.
  • We use Google ™ search engine – some of us a LOT. We know that we can access news, video, blogs, and images.
  • We know how Google ads work.

Is there a point in all this braggadocio? Well, surprisingly, yes. A survey was taken…

They were asked” “Do you think that the next President will know as much about the Internet as you?” Almost 45 percent said, yes, and they should because of the importance of the Internet. And, 22 percent, didn’t think the candidates would be as savvy of them, but wished that they would be. Not surprisingly, 38 percent of 18-29 year-olds don’t think the candidates know as much as them, but wish that they would.

I’m hoping that the next president will recognize his or her significant shortcomings and (gawd I can’t believe I’m going to write this) form a cabinet level position to advise the president on the web.

The web plays a vital part of every part of government. Every existing cabinet level department has been dramatically affected by the web. To form a new department requires some smart people. Here’s a good place to start:

The Advisory Committee shares the goals of the Congressional Internet Caucus — a bi-partisan group of over 170 members of the House and Senate working to educate their colleagues about the promise and potential of the Internet.

I’m not holding my breath.

UPDATE: Read another thought along the same lines, by somebody that knows what they are talking about.

UPDATE: Angelina Jolie is an idiot. (whiny voice) “As Brad knows I don’t know how to turn on a computer.”

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No Question: We’re Smarter Than the Next President. — 8 Comments

  1. Very good post and some very good points as well. Probably not the kind of points that the public at large generally consider when it comes to the President of the US of A but well should. Seems to me that the best “State of the Nation” type feedback the President could possibly receive is by surfing the Web and soaking up the information provided. Still, there are times when I do believe the general public is as ignorant about what they actually want from our President as he may be ignorant of the Internet and the www.

  2. For some unknown bloody reason, WordPress turned “WWW” into a link which makes no sense at all. Anyway, I’m sure you know what I meant.

  3. The Internet? Hell, some of the guys that are running this year might not even be able to tune a TV.

    Thanks for visiting over at my place, Godfather.

  4. @Kirk M: I don’t expect the Pres. to be surfing. But like all cabinet memberss – should be ready on a moments notice to brief Pres. on developments that impact U.S. (WP just loves WWW I guess)

    @Suldog: I think as the field narrows, it’s getting better. But still, they need good advisors at the ready. (I got you in my RSS.)

  5. @Wouldye: Thanks for the Derby tag: I have three others, but Derby is willing to spend the time it takes to think things through. Sedona is a bitch, Sofi, is a puppy bitch, Oliver is a male with striking similarities to Grandad – both in looks and demeanor.