One Easy Command That Any Male Dog Can Learn.

Joy at Joy of Six has a cute poem about puppies and a bunch of cute pictures too.

Derby still thinks I am the leader of the pack at our house. I love to go up to him when he is curled up sleeping because he will immediately roll onto his side and lift his hind leg.
As I come up to him,  I say “Derby, show me your dick!”  And he obliges.

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One Easy Command That Any Male Dog Can Learn. — 8 Comments

  1. Hysterical! My oldest, Erika, has a Boston terrier with a testicle fixation (his, not yours). He loves to rub his balls on people’s feet and legs. He doesn’t so much care what else happens as long as his balls are on someone. Weird.

  2. Man! Every dog that I’ve run into my whole life does that for me without even asking (even the female ones). You think they’re trying to tell me something? If you do then you don’t really have to bother telling me.