One More Month and the Feces Hits the Air King

It will be a year on March 28, that I started blogging. I think that is long enough pretending that I am not a vile reprobate with nothing to complain about.

My mantra has been No Politics, Few Rants, Attempted Humor.

I’m thinking on 3/28 – one year from my first post – it will be No Politics, Few Rants, Attempted Humor (when convenient.)

We’ll see. I probably will feel differently once the sun comes out and the Redbuds and the white flowering trees (I forget what they are called) bloom again and leaves appear.

So don’t hold me to that vile reprobate deal, K?

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One More Month and the Feces Hits the Air King — 7 Comments

  1. Ranting on your blog is very therapeutic, I find. At least it keeps me from accosting people at the mall and handing out angry pamphlets.

    I presume EVERYONE with a blog is a vile reprobate of one sort or another. I have yet to be proven wrong, and I have been doing this for almost eight years.

  2. @Brian: just what I need. encouragement to be irascible. What they hell are those white flowering trees called. Not magnolias… I think white is even in the name… dammit!

  3. They are called Bradford Pear trees.

    Also, you may not rant and rave on your blog, but I should record you some time sitting in the living room!!!