Take My Bets and You’ll Make Yourself an Easy Dime

I may have created a monster.

The woman who washes phones, doesn’t know how to IM unless it’s incoming, whose answer to every computer issue is to restart, who doesn’t remember that it’s OK to leave Firefox minimized while she uses IE, who has never had an internet enabled phone, just got a Blackberry.

She isn’t tech challenged, she downloads embroidery patterns to a flash drive and then uploads them to her embroidery machine. She downloads and uploads photos. She has her patterns on an external hard drive.

But she had a fit because I was fiddling with her phone on a road trip and changed all her contacts to a larger display. About a month later, she asked me to change them back because when larger it didn’t display the phone number.

She’s never taken a picture or video with her existing phone.

She got a Blackberry.

She loves to shop and it was a “deal.”

When asked why she got it in light of her lack of texting, she said “I’m going to learn.”

I’ll bet you a nickel it looks like this:


Where do I come in? I suggested she blog and now she has become a traffic whore just like me, giving me a traffic report every evening.

I bet you another nickel she will be blogging some of her future S.E.X. trips.

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Take My Bets and You’ll Make Yourself an Easy Dime — 6 Comments

  1. Damn! If there had been a leopard print phone I would have had it; mine is red! Hot, hot red!

    I made sure it’s the small one so a man’s big fingers can’t operate the keys! I’m getting smart in my old age!!!

  2. This will be interesting to see what happens. She will either love it and be texting all the time or she will hate it and never use it! She’ll have to learn a foreign language too..text talk!!!!!

  3. It’s good to know you are out there…how’d you like that sperm count piece??? I couldn’t help my self…I found those pics with the phone and they were too funny…sometimes I crack my own self up

    See you in the funny papers…
    ~The baby Boomer Queen~