Tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night

Here’s a heads up for you, tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night.

For some of us who open bottles regularly, that may not seem like a big deal.   (I would have linked to more but some I am unsure of and didn’t want to insult anyone. If you love to drink, leave a comment and I’ll start a new blogroll category when I switch to my Steampunk design.)

Make it a big deal.

It’s the brilliant annual event started eight years ago by Wall Street Journal wine critics Dorothy Gaiter and Jon Brecher. They ask people to open a bottle that they’ve “been waiting to open forever.” Why wait? Do it now.

Admit it. You have a bottle stashed somewhere that you were saving.

I actually have two three: one is a bottle of champagne that we won on a Windjammer Barefoot Cruise in 1972. mmmmmm, that should be good.

The second is a bottle of Dimple Pinch Scotch that my Mother was saving for a special occasion! So that unopened bottle of scotch is at least 40 maybe 50 years old. If it was 15 years old when she bought it – it might predate me!

I do remember it was one bottle we never touched when my brother and I decided to sneak some booze while they were square-dancing.

Oh, I just thought of another bottle we inherited – Black Watch wine.  So that’s three! What the hell am I waiting for!
So champagne it is tomorrow night. Once we crack that and find out it’s lost it’s fizz, we will go for the Black Watch.

The Pinch will remain unopened because I don’t like scotch. But I’ve been told scotch gets better with age. This may be the most valuable asset we own.

Happy Open That Bottle Night.

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Tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night — 5 Comments

  1. I do have a bottle we’ve saved since our honeymoon. I could open it tomorrow night except we’re going to a party where I could drink other people’s booze. Hmmmmmm.

    But really, what are we saving it for? Gesh. We could be dead tomorrow!

  2. Actually my shrink says booze intensifies depression, and do you know, I admit I feel better teetotalling. Isn’t that a pisser? No pot, no booze, just high on life. Yippee!

  3. @Queen of Shake Shake: Exactly: take the bottle to the party and share it with friends and recall every single instance of your honeymoon. I’m sure they will be fascinated.
    @Gretchen: Whoa, little too happy there, kiddo. You gonna turn into one of those Mommy Bloggers! hee. Altho’ I could use a Boolie picture fix…