Violent Acres – Potential Prize for the Charity Challenge

Alright. I’ve whined and procrastinated enough. It’s time for me to cowboy up and get my Birthday Charity Challenge going.

One of the prizes readers can vote on is a picture of V. It’s way out front. I just want to add that it must be a mug shot – must be able to see your face! Of course, we will never know. Oh, there’s that trust thing, right.

UPDATE: I wonder what VA would say to 90 Day Jane, the blogger who will commit suicide in less than 90 days. She also set up a website anticipating her blog would be shut down. I smell a stupid advertising campaign.

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Violent Acres – Potential Prize for the Charity Challenge — 2 Comments

  1. I have no blog to use to track back to VA so I decided to post here in order to suggest a great charity. I love to give to Kiva facilitates microloans. My last donation to kiva was to aid a woman in Uganda who wanted to start a business selling pigs. Once she repays the loan, I will simply roll it over to another potential businessperson. If VA donated to Kiva, the donation could be used over and over again.