When I’m a Star, I Want PR Head Shots Like This


Now that’s a cool Boomer! I already love this guy. He’s renaming the Canadian Association for Retire People’s magazine to Zoomer = Boomers with Zip!


Broadcasting visionary Moses Znaimer is targeting the 50-plus demographic with a new multi-media strategy built around the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP).
Znaimer is the new executive director of CARP and has bought a controlling interest in its magazine and associated web sites.

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When I’m a Star, I Want PR Head Shots Like This — 8 Comments

  1. God, might be because it’s after dinner and been a long day, but the idea of all this just makes me tired. “Zip” used to be a slang word for crystal meth in the Pennsylvania/Delaware area in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Maybe that’s what gives him all this energy?

  2. Now that I’ve looked at that face in the light of day, I’m fully convinced he’s on zip. Plus, the bubble bath shot just invites us to imagine him naked, which = ewwwwww.