Why Lost isn’t Like Survivor, Well Kinda.

I started watching Lost again this season. I think I watched the first two and then got lost in the story line when the giant city bus kept leaving a cloud of diesel that ate people.

I missed the Polar Bear.

But then the writer’s strike came and every other TV program was into triple re-run.

I’ve always been a Survivor fan. Can’t believe this is their 30th season on the air. I remember when Jeff was so young he had to blow out a candle and said “the cool kids have spoken.”

I’m just totally fascinated by some of the contrasts and similarities between the two shows. Fascinated I tell you.


  • Women’s armpit and leg hair stops growing
  • Abundance of silicon
  • Buff, scrawny, bossy, whimpy, beautiful, ugly, slut, virgin, Mom, Dad
  • The critters can kill you
  • Two groups competing
  • Camera operators always have just the right light and angle
  • Nobody poops


  • Men’s facial hair continues to grow on Survivor
  • Women’s complexion goes all to hell
  • Scabs get picked on Survivor
  • People die on Lost
  • What happened to eating on Lost?
  • Survivors have to eat hobbits and unborn fetuses
  • Survivors have luxurious getaways
  • Everybody gets paid on Lost

Next: I will compare and contrast The Amazing Race and Apprentice-D List Celebrities.

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