You Have a Choice: Eloi or Morlock?

Trying to anticipate how Violent Acres thinks is like trying to figure out if a kid is going to eat a booger.

But sometimes you let your mind wander into such open spaces.

An evolutionary theorist (people get paid for this) has forecasted that homo sapiens has just about reached our physical and mental peak.

In another thousand years, it will be all down hill. FYI: I got an early start.

The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

So this geek predicts that in about 100,000 years, give or take a century or ten, we will have two distinct breeds of humans.

I would wager my one share of Apple, that Violent Acres would say this has already happened and the underclass is at a state university or works behind the counter at her pharmacy.

The deep thinker says that plastic surgery clinics will be the Starbucks of the future, but the only thing served is half coffee and half cream. Homo Sapiens will be more homogenized.

“Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises…

Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and pert breasts…

Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone.”

In other words, everybody moves to Venice Beach.

Pretty cool, huh? Not so fast there Kemo Thereapy.

The professor’s crystal balls tell him after we peak it’s going to get ugly. Since technology is doing everything, we will regress physically.

“While science and technology have the potential to create an ideal habitat for humanity over the next millennium, there is the possibility of a monumental genetic hangover over the subsequent millennia due to an over-reliance on technology reducing our natural capacity to resist disease, or our evolved ability to get along with each other.”

I have no idea what that means, but I added it just so you would believe that this guy could double-speak just like an economist.

“After that, things could get ugly, with the possible emergence of genetic ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.”

Awright: Eloi and Morlocks!


Damn glad I don’t have to make that decision: to remain a beautiful glossy haired blond with pert breasts or the other one.

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You Have a Choice: Eloi or Morlock? — 8 Comments

  1. Hmmm, sounds like a Stepford race — but I have to correct you on Venice Beach. That area attracts some of the weirdest humanoids I’ve ever seen — though there are some multimillion-dollar houses in Venice, the rich, gorgeous types mainly stick to Malibu, Santa Monica and Newport Beach. The first time I went to Venice, I saw a garishly made-up female, wearing a miniskirt and roller skating along the sidewalk. She fell onto the sidewalk, legs askew, only to reveal that (1) she wasn’t wearing underwear and (2) SHE WASN’T A GIRL.

  2. Oh, sorry! I meant the futurist or whatever he’s called. He’ll be dead and gone by the time anyone knows whether he was right or wrong.

  3. @Winston: But we don’t have to travel and there will be a bunch of us! Par-tay.
    @Incurable Insomniac: Drive thru surgery will be priced like Starbuck – just a little more than you know you should pay, but not enough to keep you from it.
    @Suldog: Yeah, right! I gotcha now. So true. Kind of like those trend forecasters – or a stock analcyst.