Boomers: Imagine You’re a High School Cheerleader

Imagine you are a high school aged female.
Here’s your life so far:

  • Cheerleader
  • 4.0 gradepoint
  • Drive a Lexus
  • Live in West Boca, Florida
  • Your favorite food is Malibu salad with fresh mozarella
  • You are a great gymnast
  • Accepted to University of Florida
  • iPhone is Hello Kitty
  • Your favorite TV show is Unreal Body
  • But with college ahead, and a career as a plastic surgeon, something is missing.

    A pair of VW sized bazzooms.

    In South Florida, that’s as easily rectified as getting a third degree sunburn.
    Except when you die.
    Death can really mess up a school girls plans for life.
    Not to worry about her parents however, the school is selling candles for a buck to help them get through the crisis.
    After all, the bazzoom doc still has to be paid, right?

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    Boomers: Imagine You’re a High School Cheerleader — 10 Comments

    1. Amy, yeah, this story scares me. They are wanting to put my five-year-old son under general anesthesia for dental work, and I’m more afraid than I had been to let them do it. But for completely unnecessary surgery? If I were her mom, I’d be having trouble sleeping at nights.

      Gretchen’s last blog post..Visible Panty Line.

    2. Sheesh! And to think when I was a cheerleader our thoughts were do I have enough deodorant on and did I remember to wear the black panties over the tidy whities! How times change! Of course that was when you wore the heavy wool sweaters too, that my mother always bitched about because the uniforms had to be dry cleaned. LOL

      Nancy’s last blog post..February Wrap-up

    3. When I was a cheerleader, our squad just stuck toilet paper in our bras! And to think, the biggest problem our parents had was the fact that our skirts BARELY covered our tights. That’s because we rolled up the waistband. Oh well, GLORY DAYS…….

    4. I’m from the “older generation of cheerleaders” – our WOOL skirts had to be at the knee!

      And yes, I do have a tee shirt that says “itty bitty titty club” – oh, to be able to fit into that shirt again!

      I also have a t-shirt that says Al Pacino for President!

      Ahhh, the good old days are getting older and older, but at least I can remember some of them!

      Nancy’s last blog post..February Wrap-up