Epic FAIL: WOWOWOW; Stahl, Goldberg; Coulter; Noonan; Smith; Wells; Launch Site for Wo’s.

S ome famous women will launch a website Saturday targeted at women over 45.


As you can see from the picture, some fairly high profile women are going to be hanging out there.

Welcome to the third act, ladies. I’m sorry you missed the first two acts, but since you have lots of money and some excellent advisors, you certainly can figure out what has been going on.

  1. BlogHer.org – 14,000 women bloggers covering every. single. topic. evah. that a woman would want to know about.
  2. Eons.com – website targeting boomers. $40 million blown like Gleason on beans.
  3. What do you call those other sites where you can interact with authors? Blugs? Blags?
  4. What’s a website?
  5. Facebook, MySpace, vlogs, Youtube, etc. etc.

Though there is tons of competition in the woman’s space, Wowowow’s chief appeal may be the “glimpse it promises into the personal lives and beliefs of a group of businesswomen who broke through glass ceilings,” as the NYT story puts it.

The site’s five founders, also women of a certain age, are longtime friends and media live-wires: Ms. Evans, formerly the president of Simon & Schuster and an ex-publisher at Random House; Ms. Smith, the gossip columnist; Mary Wells, the advertising executive behind memorable campaigns like “I Love New York”; Peggy Noonan, the political columnist and former presidential speechwriter; and Lesley Stahl, the television news reporter.

Liz Smith is 84; Mary Wells is 80; Peggy Noonan is 58; Leslie Stahl is 67; Joni Evans is 67.

The point? These are sucessful businesswomen who have been around NYC too long. They are out of touch. Someone has convinced them that outside of their huge audiences amassed through traditional media, more people want to read their thoughts.

But it’s READ ONLY. It’s not a conversation. Love lectures? WOWOWOW will specialize in them.

I do give them credit, they only chipped in $200,000 each to launch. With some major sponsors on board, all they have to do is post crap and enough eyeballs will wander by. Kind of like a flashing billboard on Times Square: can’t miss it, but not memorable.

They have asked some buddies to stop by and post: Marlo Thomas, Ann Coulter, Candice Bergen, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lily Tomlin.


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Epic FAIL: WOWOWOW; Stahl, Goldberg; Coulter; Noonan; Smith; Wells; Launch Site for Wo’s. — 5 Comments

  1. Every last one of those broads is a giant load.

    Besides: blogging by women over 45, ho hum. Who on earth would read that shit? HA.

  2. @Gretchen: I agree. It’s got to be an ego – cocktail chatter deal. Of course that’s why I blog: cocktail chatter at LeClub du Golf. Past menopause women don’t have anything to write about anyway. Oh, except knitting and S.E.X. trips.

  3. What Liz, Mary, Peggy, Lesley and Joni ought to do is invest in those of us who have something relevant to say about the real issues we face and who are on the move and making a difference at midlife. Oh, but we’re just REAL PEOPLE so I guess we’re not in their league. WHATEVER!