Friday Five – Technorati Plummets: You’re All Sick, Sick, Sick

Everybody has the flew. (sic) Har, always wanted to write that.

  • Pointless-Drivel – is a whiny ass. It needs to be kicked except for the explosive diarrhea.
  • Redneck Diva – Is labeling all her meds so she doesn’t kill a kid or two.
  • The Queen of Shake Shake – Has become the Queen of Ache Ache. Another excuse not to shave her legs.
  • Violent Acres – You will have to finish raising your kids without her. Personally, I think she’s welshing (or is it welching?) on the contest prize.
  • The Bloggess – She’s Okay, but the vet killed her cat.

BTW: I guess you are all getting your $63 from Airborne?

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Friday Five – Technorati Plummets: You’re All Sick, Sick, Sick — 7 Comments

  1. Ah, crap. I just bought Airborne for Ben last month because a friend said HER friend swore by it, and our family has been sick all winter. Sadly, I do not qualify for the class action, since I bought the stuff AFTER EVERYONE ELSE HAD ALREADY REALIZED IT WAS BULLSHIT.

  2. Oh lookie at this!

    Here I am, a mere two days after being terribly ill and I’m full back in the saddle.

    Could it be because of Airborne? Possibly!

    No, I won’t be getting a piece of the lawsuit because the whole medical industry is just a game anyway. It’s all the power of belief.

    BTW, even though I’m better, my legs are still hairy. AND I will be farting to my hearts content during movie night too. I am one HAWT broad.

  3. @Queen of Shake Shake: I loved how you let your stud think he was in charge. hmmmmm, what would the Queen’s first movie be? hmmmmmm, I would say: “We Are Marshall”