Guy Kawasaki Is My New Best Friend.

His latest stroke of inspiration is

You can think of an Alltop site as a “dashboard,” “table of contents,” or even a “digital magazine rack” of the Internet.

You gotta love a guy that writes this on the about page:

This is the true story of Alltop. If you hear anything else from us, it’s because we retroactively changed the story for marketing purposes.

He is my new best friend for two reasons:

  1. He is an Uber “A” lister, but he returned my emails – twice – within an hour or two.
  2. He listed a photo blog I do in the “cute” section. is listed on the same page as ICanHasCheezburger! Woo Hoo.

I’ve noticed this about “A” list marketing bloggers. They will respond to an email! Shocking!

Not just an intern-generated  “thanks for reading” crap email either. Seth Godin writes two or three word responses, but you can tell he read the original email. Mitch Joel will respond in depth, and even give advice on “Google juice.” Guy Kawasaki will engage an emailer in conversation. He loves The Bloggess because she guessed he invented the motorcycle.

My personal blog, The Bloggess, is not popular enough for the “Ego” section and not momish enough for the “Moms” section. Have you considered a section for ”blogs that inexplicably get lots of hits even though they’re all about offending your ritzy neighbors by taking risque crotch shots in your front lawn and tattooing your half-paralyzed-man-boob cat”? Because I’m pretty sure I would totally kick ass in that section.

He wrote her back and said, he didn’t invent the motorcycle, but that people say he looks like Jackie Chan.

Isn’t blogging fun!

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Guy Kawasaki Is My New Best Friend. — 3 Comments

  1. @Rita: don’t let me mislead you, the big guys aren’t tech support or bloggy helpers. But us little guys will help if we can!
    and… yay you got your URL right!

  2. I met Guy when he was the software evangelist for Macintosh at Apple. Interesting dude. I have found that a number of highly placed executives will respond to email assuming you can figure out their email address even when it is not published. Check out my site,, when you get a minute.