I May Have to Move to Texas to Fulfill a Prophecy

One my my 2008 prophecies was that I would do an act of civil disobedience.
It’s still early in the year, but I will remember that the city of Dallas has a problem with people stopping at traffic signals. They have been stopping at an alarming rate. The city’s rake from robo-tickets is down by as much as 50%.
Dallas installed traffic light cameras that take pictures of violators. They are working so well, the city of Dallas turned off 25% of them.
Texans to blow through red traffic signals. Dallas needs the money. They want it so bad, they are not going to expand the program and are considering turning off more signals on a random basis.
If the Dallas leaders want pickups careening thru busy intersections, then they should have it.
Don’t Mess With Texas.
Me? If needed, I will make the trip and make damn sure I stop at every traffic light. Even when they are red.

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