Just In from the “It’s About Damn Time” Dept.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is going to change it’s name.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Inc.’s acquisition of 22 restaurants from Cameron Mitchell in February made the company more than just a place to buy a steak dinner, so it wants to change its name to reflect that.

I’ve never eaten at a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. First, too expensive, second, I can’t pronounce the name. It’s my only speech impediment.
There may be an artificial cause however.
I started going to a painless dentist ten years ago. He said he could fix the flaw in my front tooth, so I let him. I think the thickness of the tooth changed so that my tongue can’t get into the proper position to say Ruth’s Chris. The words just get stuck there. I can say Ruth Chris three times, no problem.
But Ruth’s Chris comes out Ruth-the-zuh Chris – v e r y s l o w l y, which of course makes it more obvious.

File this in the “you think we’re idiots?” folder.
They are changing their name because I think they only thing they serve is steak? Like Red Lobster only serves lobster? And Long John Silver only serves pirates? Thinking of their direct competition, does Morton’s only serve salt?
Confusing? How about McCormick and Schmick’s Seafood and McCormick and Schmidt other food.
Prawley the regulars call Ruth’s Chris something trendy, like referring to Morton’s as “Arnie Morton’s.”
I always wondered how the name originated, but not so much that I would use up my Google ™ Search Engine alloted pixels.
Now I care even less.
Unless they change it to Ruth’s Chris Thistle Sticks; or Peggy Babcock/ Rebecca MacGregor’s Creamed Clams in Cans.
I’m not the fig plucker,
Nor the fig plucker’s son,
but I’ll pluck your figs
till the fig plucker comes.

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Just In from the “It’s About Damn Time” Dept. — 3 Comments

  1. Odd, I just got a $25 certificate in the mail toward a dinner at Ruth’s Chris. And I thought “Shit, if they’re willing to hand me $25 toward dinner, that means dinner is going to cost a FORTUNE.”

    The name IS awkward to say, but I much prefer saying the name to paying the prices.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Epicenter.