The Weekend Was Made for Beer.

Hump day, looking back at last weekend, thinking about next weekend.

Last weekend was one of those in the mid-south where the temp hovered around seventy degrees with a very slight wind off and on.

Perfect day for beer.

I was a yard-worker the whole weekend, but I found time to crack open more than a couple Chills.

Not Miller Chill, just Chill. It bugs me when I order it or buy it and the beer seller says “Miller Chill?” No, Budweiser Chill, you pig brain. Next time it happens I’m asking if they clarify when people say “Bud Lite” by saying “Anheuser-Busch Bud Light?”

I have my eye on some new beers I would like to try.

Last year, SABMiller had some success with their Miller Chill, flavored with lime and approximating a Mexican drink known as a Michelada in much the same way Taco Bell makes authentic Mexican food.

Guess what Mr. Brew Snobski, some of us like Taco Bell ALSO.

For Filipino inventor Virgilio “Billy” L. Malang, who invented a vitamin-laced beer, that 5 percent inspiration came from the Filipinos’ love of drinking.

If I OD on Vitamin B, I will have nausea, vomiting, and yellow urine. Isn’t that the same as OD’ing on beer?

  • Hoegaarden Original White Ale – What can I say? It’s a pretty beer. And who can’t love a beer named Ho-Garden? Yeah, in Belgium it’s Hoo-garten, but in Kentucky (if it’s available here, it will be Ho-Garden.)


  • Grolsch – with the eco friendly swing closure. Can you tell I’m a real beer connoisseur? I love gimmick beer. This one has a coat hanger wrapped around a plastic closure. Sure, I’ll shake one up and see if the top pops like champagne.


So bring on the beer weekends. I’m ready to give the Lime, Vitamin B, Pale, Plastic Poppers a try.

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The Weekend Was Made for Beer. — 3 Comments

  1. Beer weather here too, although Ben has ostensibly given it up until St. Patrick’s Day. With mixed success. Grolsch is sort of, I don’t know, nasty. We have lots of microbrews here and often stick to those.