Time to Gamble the Bourbon on March Madness

As the kids used to say, “Shut up.”

The Mayor of Louisville is sending bourbon to the mayors of Chapel Hill and Knoxville. They are supposed to get schnockered when their teams lose to the University of Louisville.

“Bourbon is our secret full-court press,” Abramson said in a news release.

Since KY, NC and TN all make cigarettes which would kill them a whole bunch faster than sipping bourbon, WTF, Mayor? You want to win or what? Send them unfiltered fags.
We supply cancer sticks to the rest of the world, but to NC and TN we send bourbon?

Since the Mayor doesn’t have a liquor license it’s against UPS TOS to ship el Bourbono. Bah, I guess he wasn’t going to run down to the local liquor to pick up a half pint. (236.588237 milliliters)

Roy Williams needs it worse than the mayor, because his team is tanking because some chick got shot. Like that doesn’t happen often in the U.S. Oh, forgot, she was a popular white chick, so that makes it all different than the crack ho that got shot downtown.
Back to gambling. Won’t be long and the mayors of the Final Two ™ will be rolling out their press releases with their bets.

This threatened to dampen the widely popular practice of college students, office workers, and just about anyone who have traditionally participated in NCAA college basketball tournament betting pools.”

In fact, CBSSports.com developed an application to make it easier for Facebook users to use betting pools, says the story.

The NCAA should be so proud of their exclusive TV partner.
I have my money on Memphis Western Kentucky University.

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