Using the Internet in 1955 Helped My “Girls.”

Bloggers and other propeller heads always find a way to sneak in when they first started on the web.
It’s the Al Gore syndrome. “I am now cool because I used the internet when nerdy wasn’t geeky.”
My turn.
This is me and my first web page at the Oh Susanna! Home for Wayward Girls.
I didn’t have a complete web “site” yet because ASCII was in beta. I was using my own language TELMII. One of the boys that hung around was working something he called Hypo Test Market Linguistics. I laffed and laffed over that one!


These were interesting times.

“The girls” loved learning. Rather than pay them when other men came to enjoy their skills. I would charge the men tuition and then give the girls a cut. Notice on the left side of the picture, the girl with a machine we lovingly referred to as the “cash register.”
When I would review my latest webpage – usually an analysis of hourly rate vs girls skill level less operating expenses – the girls would keep their own statistics.
I didn’t think anything of it at the time because in the business I ran, the customers liked things tight, and the girls seemed to think bigger was better… but notice their data entry platform. I guess I should have kept it paper thin as shown. Instead I had my vendor add a lot more crap to make it thick and larger. Engorged if you will.
When the girls reached a quota, they would yell out “Spitzer!” and all the girls would squeal with delight as the bell rang on the cash register. The girl would get a cash bonus.
I should have kept current with web developments while I was spending 15-30 at Playa Del Broderick Crawford in Alabama.
But I didn’t, I put away the fifty inch display and retired the custom teak laser pointer I used. ASCII came out of beta and I forgot about TELMII.

I wonder what happened to everybody from Oh Susanna! Home for Wayward Girls.

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Using the Internet in 1955 Helped My “Girls.” — 7 Comments

  1. Hee. What a groundbreaking pioneer you were! I remember back before PCs in the workplace, when I used to operate a Wang word processing machine. Damn, those were good times. So many dick jokes, so little time.

    Also: mag card machines, Telex instead of fax, carbon paper, ditto machines (remember all that purple ink?).

    Damn, we are really showing our age.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Epicenter.

  2. Booger. Stuff from that era is ALL I can remember; I can hardly remember last week, but I can sing several cigarette advertising jingles word-for-word.

    But back in the fifties, didn’t they call it the Information Superhighway?

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Epicenter.

  3. @Gretchen: no back then it was call “radio.” LSMFT is all I can remember from cig commercials. Oh, and Winston Tastes Good Like A Cigarette Should.

  4. Can you say; mimeograph? Used to crank out the church bulletins by the hundreds when I was a kid. Same thing as a ditto machine.

    Punch cards? Paper tape readers/writers?


    “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” and “Taste Me, Taste Me” (Doral) Yeah, go ahead…I’m ready.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..Lights Out!

  5. Telegraph messages? Yah, until I developed a bad case of Carpal Telegraph Syndrome and then I had to bring on another author…with a good wrist…she worked out fine.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..Lights Out!