Why Dads Love Picnics – Hole Lotta Lovin’

I‘ll give Bob a shot at topping me on this one.

Obviously the Price was right.

Bellevue Police Captain Matt Johnson says Art Price, Jr., 40, was seen on four occasions between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and noon having sex with his picnic table.
The neighbor — who wishes to remain anonymous — saw Price walk out onto his deck, stand a round metal table on its side and use the hole for the umbrella to have sex. The most recent instance took place March 14, we’re told. A neighbor videotaped Price.

Of course somebody videotaped it, call the cops? Wait, let me get my camera first.
This issue is now tabled.
Thanks Barbie

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Why Dads Love Picnics – Hole Lotta Lovin’ — 9 Comments

  1. Can you imagine taping that little gem? I guess the tables were turned on poor Mr. Price. We want the hole truth….and nothing but the truth Mister.

    Joy’s last blog post..Serendipity

  2. @Joy: can’t wait for this to hit youtube… yes I can! I suppose he used WD 40 to lube up.

    @Robert: OK.OK. Enough, make it stop! Hee, love your last post.

  3. I was tempted to say that your post was worthless without pics, but in this case, I think I’m happy about the lack of multimedia.

    Nothing like looking out your back door to see something to make you scream out loud, “WTF!”

    The whole thing made me think of this:


    Thornton’s last blog post..Medic!