For Sale: 18 Little Red Straws from WD 40 Cans

Collectible! In the bottom of every junk drawer and tool box, on every shelf in the garage, in the nightstand, and in the bathroom, you will find the little plastic staws that make it possible to aim a stream of WD-40 Water Displacement v. 40 anywhere. Soon the ubiquitous tubes will be a fond remembrance.

Are you sitting down?
WD-40 has announced to those of use in the official WD40 Fan Club, that those little straws are going the way of the church key, flip up sunglasses, drowsy Bendryl, VTR’s (Video Tape Rewinders), crawdad socks, you get the idea.

WD-40 will now come with a straw flipper upper.


Flaccid for spraying, Cialis for a strong stream.

As soon as WD-40 is approved for medical use, I will schedule my second colonoscopy. In the meantime, browse this list of uses I have compiled over my lifetime. Please add yours. The world depends on WD-40 (c)
• Coat electric guitar pickups to prevent rusting
• Cleans and protects handcuffs
• Keeps dogs squeak-free
• Lubricates and improves electrical contacts on mannequins
• Removes rust from dog tags
• Shines bronze trophies
• Lubricates walkers for easier folding
• Protects archeological sites
• Protects and maintains Viking shields
• Protects and polishes bronze grave markers
• Prevents rust and cleans Katana swords
• Cleans potentiometers on guitar amplifier
• Cleans dried oil from antique oil can
• Makes Twister more fun
• Clean and polish Alaskan Oil Pipeline
• Cleans bobby pins
• Keeps missile silo doors swinging freely
• Wipe exterior to clean deliberators
• Keeps pixels from sticking together
• Shines atlas missiles
• Lubricates crossbows
• Gets stains out of blue dresses
• Removes tar from teeth
• Cleans Crisco from horseshoes
• Shines cubic zirconia
• Cleans gum from turtle shells
• Keeps saddles rust-free
• Lubricates hinge on beer stein
• Lubricates blades on Flowbee hair cutting system
• Lubricates shifting links on bulldozers
• Lubricates interchangeable numbers on gas station price signs
• Stops squeaks on walking casts
• Shines seashells
• Removes Skunk spray from sunglasses
I know you have more…


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For Sale: 18 Little Red Straws from WD 40 Cans — 10 Comments

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  2. So where are the little straws for sale. I have some cans of wd-40 but I lost my straws. I hoped to buy the 18 pack.