Google Green? Not Yet, But They Have a Cute Logo


Isn’t that just the cutest little logo? Did you think about how much power Google consumes to bring you 476,894 results when you search for “upside-down oblique claimenforbers?”

One of Google’s plants alone consumes as much power as a town of 200,000 people.


L to R: Googles first server, one of 19 data centers, typical server rack.

Here’s what Google wants when locating a data center:

  • Large volumes of cheap electricity.
  • Green energy. Focuses on renewable power sources.
  • Proximity to rivers and lakes. They use a large amount of water for cooling purposes.
  • Large areas of land. Allows for more privacy and security.
  • The distance to other Google data centers (for fast connections between data centers).
  • Tax incentives.

Just like any other big bidness. They want cheap, green, wet, private, clustered and tax free. They put on a nice front that they are “green.”  But bidness is only going green if it benefits the shareholders. Make no mistake about that.

They have it down to a formula, imagine that!  RE>C Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal. Here’s a writer that isn’t all that convinced that Google isn’t doing evil.


When you have a mantra of “do no evil” peeps are watching really closely.

Have a nice Earth Day.

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Google Green? Not Yet, But They Have a Cute Logo — 4 Comments

  1. But you have to admit that IS a cute logo. (Just figured I’d be the one to say the girly thing.)

    Hi, by the way. I have a kid with tonsillitis so haven’t been around except in little bits — and you’re hard to keep up with!

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Days Gone By.