If Mars Candy Screws Up M&M’s, Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

You read it here first. Breaking news from the Mars candy makers.
M&M’s is making a candy for Facebookers, MySpacers, Linked-innards, and Blogareans.
M&M Premium will hit the shelves in June.

Mars is targeting what it dubs the “Savvy Socials”—women who shop premium categories, like to show their sense of style and entertain.

M&M’s as a fashion statement.
Five “flavors”: (we all know there is only one true M&M – regular size candy coated milk chocolate)

  • Triple Chocolate
  • Chocolate Almond
  • Mint
  • Mocha
  • Raspberry Almond
  • Can I hear an “ewwwwwww for the last one?” Thank you.

    At $8 a pound M&M’s are still one of the best food values in your drug store today.

    Of course, M&M will have holiday versions of each variety. This can be a huge marketing challenge because the holidays that are not U.S. specific are few and far between. Aside from Easter, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day, what other international holidays are left?

    I think New Year’s Day is their only hope. What color(s) would you associate with that? Yellowish Upchuck? Taiwan has Tomb Sweeping Day, but that hasn’t caught on anyplace else.

    These are the things that weigh heavily on my mind.

    Did you know New Delhi is 30 minutes ahead of other world clocks?

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    If Mars Candy Screws Up M&M’s, Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned. — 11 Comments

    1. You won’t lie this, gls, but I absolutely loved the dark chocolate raspberry m&ms during their short life span. You can throw out the mint and mocha ones – ewwwww – no thanks. I’ll reserve judgment on the others until they’re in my mouth.

      Catch Her In the Wry’s last blog post..A Not-so Taxing Season

    2. @nessa: a reverie if there ever was one.
      @Vintage P: I think Nova Scrotum is 30 minutes; 45 minutes, now that is WILD!
      @Catch Her In The Wry: no you shouldn’t lie, you will get warts on your tongue.

    3. For some reason I was persuaded to purchase the premium almond m&ms yesterday and I have to be honest..they’re so good. The texture is so yummy and it raelly felt like i was eating a premium m&m. Now, will this do well, probably not…but once in awhile i’ll spend and extra $2 to get that taste.

    4. @liza: I’m glad you enjoyed the candy. (I just threw a handful of plain M&M’s into my mouth.)
      Do you suck off the candy coating and then just eat the nut? Or do you crush them on your back molars? Maybe I have been eating them wrong?