Indexed: I Would Have Voted For You But…

Inexed is one of the all time great cartoons. I’m glad she is having huge success. At least three times a week, I marvel at the connections she makes from everyday activities and can present it humorously in the form of a simple graph or pie chart thingy.
She is nominated for a Webby. sponsored by Nokia Connecting People is their tag. I visited their site and of course had to register.
They had a cute little excuse why it was necessary to register.

We know registration can be a hassle but it’s the only way we can determine a human from a robot. That’s why we named it People’s Voice, not Robot’s Voice. But rest assured, the ballot is just two clicks away!

the ballot is just two clicks away! I knew this was bullshit as soon as I read it.
I was right.
Everybody who blogs or comments HATES CAPTCHAS.
Nokia put up a particularly diabolical one. Two things, it was case sensitive and twice I got O in the CAPTCHA.
The CAPTCHA screwed up the letter O by making it look like a zero.
So I got to my third CAPTCHA before I got the inevitable message.

Second thing: an email was sent to confirm my registration with a link I had to click.

I’ll give you two clicks Nokia: me whacking a Nokia phone with my mouse, the second was the Nokia hitting a tile floor.

Hey Connecting People Nokia: News Flash… CAPTCHAS don’t work anymore to prevent bots from wreaking havoc anyplace.
I will vote for because she is worth the hassle, just not right now. I need to talk a walk.

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