Missiles Following Pickup – What a Blast!

Now this guy knows how to have fun. Apparently these are some kind of high grade balloons that will withstand high speed. Tie them to your vehicle and tear off down the interstate.

A couple of things I would do differently.
1. Get an older truck
2. Put some guys in the back
3. We would all wear turbans
4. Drive near a military base
5. Every once in a while we all would yell “Allah Is Great”

I got a BIL that would do this in a heartbeat. Wish he lived closer.


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Missiles Following Pickup – What a Blast! — 4 Comments

  1. I have to do this! I just have to do this!

    I’ll skip the turban and “Allah is great!” part though. I’d probably get shot as soon as I left the highway.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..A Six Word Meme