NASCAR and M&M Fan

That’s my girl.

Has her 25 frozen M&M’s every evening (Actually they are the dark chocolate. And she doesn’t get the limit of 15 25 from me, you realize. Actually, she’s not really a NASCAR fan. More of a Cubs fan. Actually more of a baseball fan only when there is Twofer Tuesday Beer. Actually this whole picture idea was just to rub it in that she has a M&M hat, and I don’t.)

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NASCAR and M&M Fan — 9 Comments

  1. Gretchen: What’s the difference if you eat a bag of M&M’s at once or it takes a whole week – ditto for Girl Scout cookies – and Kettle Chips. You’re still eating the same amount! I must be a lot older than you since you haven’t figured it out yet! LOL

    Nancy’s last blog post..Possibly an Announcement

  2. Well, that’s sweet, Mark and Nancy, but I am an all or nothing sort of girl. I find abstention much easier than moderation. Bit of a pain in the ass, actually. I would LOVE to have one glass of wine or three cookies. But I can’t.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Matt Learns To Write.

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