That’s What You Get For Jumping On The Bed

Went to the doctor and the doctor said:
“that’s what you get for jumping on the bed.”

(old child’s rhyme – I’m an old child, what did you expect? Wadsworth?)

Me: My right hand shakes

Dr. Of course, nobody shakes with their left hand!

Me: My head shakes

Dr. Stop being so negative.

Me: I can’t spell anymore. I have trouble remembering things.

Dr. A, N, Y, M, O, R, E.

Dr. Do you have memory problems?

Me: Sometimes I can’t remember the simplest definitions. I cut and paste a lot.

Dr. Hobbies are good. I like to scrapbook. Want to see my Britney Book?

Me:  If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren’t people from Holland called Holes?


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That’s What You Get For Jumping On The Bed — 3 Comments