Juxtapostioning Blog Posts Just to Suppose New Outcome

“Do you have a clear shot?” Harry peered down to where James was squirming into a better position.

“Shhhh…” An impatient hand waved Harry off. That was followed by a muffled curse and James wriggled again. If he could just… “Okay, hold on,” he whispered, taking careful aim. Tightly focused, he squinted down the sights of the Glock, held it…”Crisse.”

The mutter carried back up to Harry, and he leaned farther over the wall, frowning down at the victim. “James. Give it up. We’ll change position.” It’d be difficult. This was nothing like last week’s hit. via Men with Pens

Once in the pens, the animals (Kangaroos) were shot.., he said. “It’s pretty horrific because you can see them fighting to stay conscious,” Brennan AFP.

He said while he could not see the animals being shot dead, none had emerged from the pens.The defence department refused to comment on the killings of the marsupials. via Environmental News Blog

Juxtaposing Posts. Could lead to a new category. Or a new way to cheat Blog365.com

Let’s be careful out there.

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Juxtapostioning Blog Posts Just to Suppose New Outcome — 7 Comments

  1. That first bit is some of the most dreadful writing I’ve ever encountered. That man should put down his pen.

    Post something new already, will you? Blog 365 is going to toss you out on your arse.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Subway: Bite ME.