Oleo / Oreo Won’t Be Used in Keyboards Anymore.

Optimus Maximus (loved his outfit in The Gladiator) have announced they are not going to use oreo oleo, wait, oh crap, OLED it says, not OLEO. Too bad, I always liked oleo, really like Oreos. I don’t think Hydrox is the as good as Oreo, do you? Hydrox sounds toxic. Hydroxy-4-methylpentan-2-one

Although with hybrids everywhere, maybe they should re-brand themselves as the Eco-Oreo. Especially since Oreo has that whole urban problem. Throwing cookies as a protest really is dumb. If they needed something to throw why not Wonder Bread or some of that Negro wine? No big loss there, but cookies are cookies, for chrissakes.

Anyway, back to the keyboard…

Gizmodo says: A sub-$1,000 keyboard from the makers of the Optimus Maximus is coming, except it won’t have OLED displays in the keys. 

I’m glad they are still using oleo to make their prototypes as shown above.


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