Do You Go Both Ways? I Just Started.

Resisting for a lot of years, I finally started to go both ways. I thought I was missing out on a lot.

Since I just started, I’ll have to get back to you on how it’s working out. It’s been easier than I thought and so far the risks seem minor.

So I’m going both ways:

  • Mac or PC – I was a Mac person since forever. Mac SE was my first. (Well Commodore 64 or TRS 80 were the real “firsts.” Mac SE gave me real productivity. But Mac just doesn’t handle web video well at ALL. No matter what browser I use. BTW: I keep things clean. The PC is as clean as I could get it. The only thing that is installed on a brand new drive is XP Pro with SP3, and a couple browsers. Clean. Clean. Clean.
  • Firefox or Internet Explorer – three ways sometimes with Safari, but if FF 3 is as good as everyone promises, Safari is out of the picture. Tried Flock and Opera. Flock is great if you have a huge monitor to handle all the extra screen space the tools take. Opera just seems like another browser. FF, IE, and Safari all act differently with WordPress 2.5.1. FF crashes often, I have a plug-in that wants FF or Safari ONLY, and even Safari will lock up when uploading photos or photo galleries.
  • Dial-up or cable
  • Wired or wireless

If you have been going both ways for a while, let me know how you think this will work out!

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Do You Go Both Ways? I Just Started. — 4 Comments

  1. I use a Mac at home and a PC at work. When I telecommute, I remotely run the PC from my Mac, which is surreal because a lot of the function keys don’t work properly.

    I hate Internet Explorer. I used to use Netscape; now it’s Safari and Firefox at home and exclusively Firefox at work.

    Safari has lots of funny incompatibilities, but I have the Mac love because my big brother works as a Mac specialist. He’s been running an Apple since time immemorial.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..A Summer Vacation Of The Mind.

  2. I’m comfortable on all operating systems. A couple of years ago I switched to linux and at present I’m running ubuntu linux. It’s a bit geeky compared to windoze or OSX but I think being away from Steve and Bill is a good thing. There is even a package called wine that will run the windows apps you just can’t do without. Best of all worlds.