George Carlin. Dead. Was He An Icon To You? If Not, Who is? Is This Meme Too Revealing?

Professional bloggers often advise to not jump on the “breaking news” bandwagon, but to let things develop and put a different spin on a post.
Suburban Hippie did a great job of doing just that.

I’ve been resisting blogging about the death of George Carlin, because I can practically feel the Internet creaking from the weight of all the boomer bloggers’ tributes to him. What is there to say that hasn’t been said already?

She said George Carlin is – was – an icon. She listed her icons, who are all dead (except for the Beatles and they are half dead)

We’re about 15 years apart in age, but I thought it was an interesting meme. Who do you think the icons for your generation are? Or your personal icons? I think this reveals more about how and where you were raised than your chronological age or generation. So even though we may be the same ages, I’ll bet your icons will be different.

Here are mine:

  • The President = John F. Kennedy = Dead
  • The Novelist = I don’t know
  • The Humorist = Erma Bombeck = Dead
  • The Musicians = Beach Boys = two out of five (?) = Dead
  • The Pope/Religious Leader = Billy Graham = Dead ( I tweaked this one – Hippie is a Catholic)
  • The Journalist = Woodward and Bernstein = Alive
  • The Comedian = Bill Cosby = Alive

Daughter (38) wrote:

  • The President = Bill Clinton
  • The Novelist = Stephen King
  • The Humorist = Bill Cosby
  • The Musicians = Coldplay
  • The Pope = Pope John Paul II= Dead
  • The Journalist = Tom Brokaw
  • The Comedian = Jerry Seinfeld

Please try it:

Mostly Illiterate

Christian Grantham whose blog name makes me think of religious cracker – ( christian graham cracker)

Redneck Diva

Brian Kane Online

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George Carlin. Dead. Was He An Icon To You? If Not, Who is? Is This Meme Too Revealing? — 4 Comments

  1. At least maybe we can get away from coverage of the death of St. Tim Russert. I didn’t know him. Maybe he was a nice guy and all, but still….

    I wondered why you had a question mark by the Beach Boys. Oh, I get it. There are some still living. They just LOOK dead.

    me again’s last blog post..wrong answer

  2. @me again, well I’m not sure if there were five or more? They kind of mixed things up didn’t they? But I don’t care enough to wiki.

    Asking Commenters: When You Don’t Care Enough To Wiki

  3. My icons have sort of dropped away over the years. The only one left is Dylan.
    Does anyone besides me resent 40 year olds calling themselves boomers or being referred to as baby-boomers? In my mind you have to be mid-fifties to qualify.

  4. @Glenn: Demographers say 1964 is the last year of the boomers, so according to that arbitrary definition, they would qualify. I don’t really care, it’s just a convenient moniker.

    Anybody else want to weigh in?