Google Cloud Needs Tech Support, Sergey Brin Jumps In.

Poor Sergey and Brin. The Google guy, he has to make a tech support call on the Google Cloud.

Schmidt said that the ability to transfer and run computer programs, data, and individual software customization temporarily to any computer — a concept known as “cloud computing”

Apparently there has been a tin lining in the Google Cloud. It must be pretty urgent because Sergey and Brin is going to climb on the flameless end of a Russian Soyuz rocket and go to the space station to get a better look.

“Hello, Mr. Sergey and Brin, my name is Boompa, may I confirm your email address”
“Thank you Mr. Sergey and Brin, please tell me your Mother’s son’s name”
“Thank you Mr. Sergey and Brin, my name is Boompa, how may I be of help?”
“My cloud has tin.”
“Thank you Mr. Sergey and Brin, as I understand you, you’re proud of Brin? That is nice, Mr. Sergey and Brin. Please hold.”
And so, Sergey takes matters into his own hands and does the tech support himself. It’s good to be the blinkybillionaire.
Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Russian space agency, made Sergey and Brin come up with a business reason to hit the space station.

“We have built the I.S.S. not for space tourists but for serving the needs of the people of Earth,” he said.

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