Hell Yeah. Rockin’ Out On the Ukulele!

Cowbag reminded me that I can play a mean Malagueña on the bass ukulele. Nancy (a different person than Cowbag BTW) had one in college and would play songs with chords and sing along. She rocked out on “Green Berets!” Har!
Have I ever told you she lived in French Hall at Western Michigan University?
Yeah, French Hall, in 1965-67. That’s worth a whole series of posts for later!

Back to ukulele playing styles, I was a plucker.
I love that a uke only has four strings and a thinner neck. I bet I know somebody who would mentor me.
Anyway Cowbag posted these dudes playing the Ace of Spades.
And now, it’s 1963…direct from the Paragon Ballroom in Beautiful Downtown Toledo… Stan Kenton… and Malagueña…

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Hell Yeah. Rockin’ Out On the Ukulele! — 1 Comment

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