Help This Boomer Guy Get Over His Attitude Problem

Fellow Boomer and my new friend, Jim has an attitude problem, and he’s trying to make a buck or two because of it.


  • “I didn’t sell out. I bought it.”
  • “Kiss My Platinum AMEX”
  • “Wisdom & Cunning Always Trump Youth & Inexperience”
  • “From Soccer Mom to Seasoned Hottie”
Finally, a guy that gets it!
Baby Boomers, who’ve never been the least bit bashful about expressing exactly what’s on their mind, now have their own unique collection of distinctive, eye-catching tee-shirts which empowers them to proudly declare ‘I’m a Butt-Kickin’, Name Takin’ Baby Boomer!’ and expands their cherished 50 year plus tradition of openly and unabashedly articulating their sincerest, most heart-felt attitudes, thoughts and dreams to the world and those around them.”
Get this! He is offering thongs and muscle shirts along with the typical tees and caps. He’s adding new designs and sayings on a regular basis and would probably welcome your suggestions.
He’s even gone green! In addition to the petroleum poly blend, you can get bamboo blend.
Hey Jim: Get some hemp clothes! And how about some XXXL and Tall sizes? Remember there is size deflation among shirt makers. (Not size inflation among Boomers!)
Disclosure: I didn’t get a damn thing for this glowing post. 
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Help This Boomer Guy Get Over His Attitude Problem — 2 Comments

  1. Cute! There is also “Old Guys Rule” apparel, of which you see a lot in these parts. And yeah, maybe not so much hemp, but where’s the tie-dye? Most of us wore tie-dye back in the day. (I still do, of course, and frequently so do my kids.)

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Go Celtics.