Mental Ping Poo: Is There Room Here for “No Shit Sherlock?”

I may start a weekly whenever I feel like it post called “No Shit Sherlock!”
I’m still debating it because I really try to stay away from rants and all the bitter comments it can generate. I’m thinking I won’t add anything more than “No Shit Sherlock” to the post. You shall have good indication of wherefore I stand. I shan’t bother to tell you why I feel this way. Twat I think will remain in my bean.

I’ll link to the post that generated this comment, and let it go.

Then again, maybe I won’t… what do you think? Is there enough bitterness and rancor in Blogonia? Should Going Like Sixty run the risk of starting a flame war? Shirley, you have an opinion. 

I Am Curious (Yellow) Jag är nyfiken – gul

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Mental Ping Poo: Is There Room Here for “No Shit Sherlock?” — 5 Comments

  1. Ranting is the blogger’s First Prerogative.

    Some times, I really *NEED* to rant about some thing that has set me off. Other times I just can’t muster the degree of self-righteousness required to work myself up into a proper lather.

    I think “No Shit Sherlock” covers a lot of ground, but don’t deny yourself the ability to get up on your soapbox and screech once in a while.

    Brian’s last blog post..Stay Tuned