Tim Russert, Ultimate Beltway Insider Croaks – It’s a National Day of Mourning

When push comes to shove, Tim Russert was not an important man outside of his family. He was a reporter who appeared on network television. He died.

NBC called him a “giant” in journalism and the world of politics. A giant? Like Edward R. Murrow? Like Benjamin Franklin? Like Mike Wallace? and others of similar ilk who were groundbreakers.

Russert didn’t break any new ground in journalism.

NBC went nuts on Nightly News. Devoting their entire newscast to praising Russert. Mike Barnicle referred to him as “Timmy” fer chrissakes. And then he teared up.

Sally Quinn compared his death to John F. Kennedy’s death! She felt special because Tim was praying for her when a family tragedy stuck. Pope Russert?

ABC was similar in their glowing tribute. I didn’t watch CBS.


Other people died today.

People who impacted a LOT of people’s lives in a positive and authentic way. Tim Russert was a high visibility TV personality.

It was way overplayed by the networks. 

He was not irreplaceable.

Then a whole hour special tonight? WTF, these people are totally out of touch. Inside-the-beltway mentality at it’s worst!

UPDATE: The National Press Club got it right…

 Tim was a colleague and friend to all in journalism. He was a role model for all of us, whether in print or broadcast. Tim epitomized excellence in journalism and unflinching commitment to the craft.

    Our profession has lost a stellar journalist.


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Tim Russert, Ultimate Beltway Insider Croaks – It’s a National Day of Mourning — 6 Comments

  1. Word was he was also a great dad and a likeable guy. I always thought his drug of choice was politics – he would get so excited, sweaty and flushed during this past primary season I thought he looked like a heart attack waiting to happen. Apparently he was.

    Catch Her In the Wry’s last blog post..Blog, blog, blog

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  3. @Deb: THANK YOU. But we sure are in the minority. Have you seen any other bloggers expressing a similar opinion? esp. the politicos? or media critics? I think the media critics will do a gut check and after he is buried analyze the coverage and conclude that it was inappropriate.

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