Dead Xer Vs. Live Boomer: Dark Knight’s Ledger Vs. Mamma Mia’s Streep

Caution: Video autostarts – beyond my control. Scroll down quick if you want to stop it.

Pick the Boomer. Yeah sure, it’s nice that that the Dead Xer is getting raves as the Joker. Even some Oscar buzz, but you know that will fade. Sympathy and all that. Even if Ledger IS that good, Mamma Mia should be your first choice.

Movie stars seldom achieve real fame after they are dead. They are about the only artists whose value doesn’t go up after overdosing on fame or fortune. Or in Ledger’s case, drugs.

So go with the Boomer. Streep has given truly memorable performances in a dozen cases:

  • The Deer Hunter
  • Kramer vs. Kramer
  • Sophie’s Choice
  • Silkwood
  • Out of Africa – one of my top three all time favorite movies
  • The Bridges of Madison County
  • The Devil Wears Prada

She’s had some less than stellar performances too, but who cares. If anybody else gives us 1/2 the entertainment in a lifetime, there would be buildings named for them.

Mamma Mia is just a boatload of fun. The musical is one that I would see over and over. I bought the sound track CD and it has been in constant rotation in my car.

Yeah, gay.

I loved the movie. What’s not to like about ABBA singing? Scenery from the Greek Islands, a Boomer in a major roll singing and dancing and cavorting around. Just a whole lot of fun! Go see it. The DVD will be OK, but the sound in a theater adds to the experience.

Then go see one of the touring stage plays. They are playing in Peoria! Imagine all that fun stuff taking place on a stage. It happens and it’s special. The stage performance is even more entertaining.

Here are the nine types of guys that will go see Mamma Mia instead of Dark Knight. I never said I wouldn’t see Dark Knight, Saturday is looking pretty good, since Nancy will be gone ( 🙂 ) So I guess there is a tenth: the guy that choses to see both and doesn’t really give a flip what anybody thinks.

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Dead Xer Vs. Live Boomer: Dark Knight’s Ledger Vs. Mamma Mia’s Streep — 8 Comments

  1. I read a review that said Streep was 20 years too old for the part. She’s the same age as I am and I have a 23 year old daughter. Just how old is the kid supposed to be in the musical? My guess is that the reviewer was in his early 20’s and conceived by a 16 year old mother. If Streep can jump on a bed/trampoline and touch her toes while her legs are straight out, the reviewer is highly underestimating us old moms.

    He(the reviewer) did say to ignore Streep’s age and enjoy her acting and musical ability.

    Catch Her In the Wrys last blog post..How I spent my summer vacation

  2. Correction: Streep is six months older than I am. She was once a cheerleader, so her jumping prowess is much greater than mine. Besides, we have a rule in our house: no jumping on the beds. So sorry, there will be no bed-jumping posts. I have other skills.

  3. I like Meryl Streep well enough, but I like Heath Ledger much better. The fact that he is (was) so deliciously fuckable helps, although I doubt he looks fuckable as the Joker. Unless you’re, like, seriously warped.

    I still say Mamma Mia is too gay. Even too gay for girls. Although I do have a soft spot for ABBA and try like hell to fight it. (My ABBA love is based on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, as you know.)

    Me? I’m not going to see either one. It’s been several years since I’ve seen a movie that didn’t involve either Harry Potter or Pixar.

    Gretchens last blog post..This Makes Me Crabby.

  4. I loved Mamma Mia! Meryl was wonderful – as far as being a cheerleader, so was I but I have no jumping prowess anymore; afraid I’ll break something.

    Pierce Brosnin was NOT good! I may go see it again tomorrow afternoon and when he’s “singing”, I’ll close my eyes and pretend it’s Tom Selleck or even Michael Jordan!

    Nancys last blog post..iPhone Updates: Prologue and Mdot