Here’s a $33,000,000 Hillbilly Mansion

Here’s why hillbillies get a bad name. I could have put up the first picture of a hillbilly mansion and you might get a little chuckle.

Instead, I’ll put up a real hillbilly mansion and have you just marvel over how somebody could spend so much money and end up with a place that looks like Opryland Hotel.

Franklin, Tennessee is rural Nashville – in Nashvegas they probably would equate it to living in Beverly Hills. Not Los Angeles, but close enough to get to where the money is made. Except you pass cows on the way to Franklin.
I’m really embarrassed for these people. Do you think they have never heard of an Interior Decorator?
Did I mention its $33,000,000? In rural Tennessee?

(click photos to enlarge)

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Here’s a $33,000,000 Hillbilly Mansion — 11 Comments

  1. Cement pond, hee. The Beverly Hillbillies was my little sister’s favorite show.

    I actually like the Architect’s Mistake room. Because I love oddly shaped rooms and Colonial furniture. My childhood home featured both.

    Gretchens last blog post..Okay, Earthquake.

  2. @Gretchen: BUT if you have a $33,000,000 home, you would TELL your architect to make oddly shaped rooms! I’ll bet the never even heard of an architect. Probably drove by Opryland Hotel and said “Hey Uncle Jed, let’s build that!”

  3. GASP! You’re publishin’ pics of MY old house! No, not the one with the cement pond and wrought iron. We downsized to one when the kids flew the coop, er…roost…oh, WTH, the 2nd & 3rd story trailers. Was such a debate over whether to keep the red one or the turquoise one. Red won…easier to find without glasses on.

  4. Hmm, for the same price I think you could get a helluva luxurious LA loft and not have to worry about cleaning the cement pond. It might even include wrought iron furniture. Ah, those hillbillies…

  5. In the immortal words of Zsa Zsa Gabor, “Just give me Park Avenue”, Olivah. For my money, it’s an upper east side new condo. Now that’s living.